January 19, 2017

CNES Organization

CNES is responsible for development management at end-customer level.

CNES draws up and manages agreements with the French laboratories responsible for instrument reconstruction, data processing software development (decommutation of telemetry signals and science analysis) and operation definition.
CNES ensures CFC development, installation and operation throughout the mission.

To fulfil this role, the CNES team is composed of:

  • a programme manager
  • a project leader who:
  • manages the contract agreed between DORNIER the prime contractor (representing ESA) and CNES,
  • participates in IWG and SC meetings,
  • interfaces with ESA to implement the CFC for the CSDS.
  • a CFC manager who:
  • is a member of the IWG and is responsible for the CSDS hardware and software implementation in CNES,
  • interfaces with ESA,
  • leads a work group called the TICO (Processing of CIS and Waves experiments). It is through regular meetings of this group that the work performed directly under CNES responsibility and that performed under laboratory responsibility is co-ordinated.

A CFC Steering Committee is in charge of finding solutions to problems that cannot be resolved at TICO level, and of monitoring overall CFC progress. This group is chaired by the programme manager and is composed of the project leader, CFC technical and science managers, the French principal investigators and the science managers of the three French experiments, in charge of processing data.