January 19, 2017

CIS Particle Measurements Instrument

The Cluster Ion Spectrometry (CIS) instrument is used to measure the distribution of ions in terms of energy and angle, together with their composition, in the 0-to-40 keV energy range.

This objective is reached by combining two detectors with complementary features:

  • The first, HIA (Hot Ion Analyser), offers a high angular resolution. It is designed to analyse the beams of highly collimated ions that should be observed in the solar wind and close to impacts.
  • The second, CODIF (COmposition and DIstribution Function analyser), determines the composition of the majority ions, H+, He++, He+ and O+, over 4 steradians, with good energy resolution.

Main characteristics

  • HIA Detector

    • Energy range: from 5 eV/e to 32keV/e
    • Temporal resolution: 62.5 ms in 2D, 4s in 3D
    • Angular resolution: 5.6° x 5.6°
    • Instantaneous field of view: 8° x 360°
    • Mass: 2.49 kg
    • Power consumption: 3.36 W

  • CODIF detector

    • Energy range: from 0 to 40 keV/e
    • Temporal resolution: 125 ms in 2D, 4 s in 3D
    • Mass resolution (M/M): 4 - 7
    • Angular resolution: 11° x 22.5°
    • Instantaneous field of view: 8° x 360°
    • Mass: 8.3 kg
    • Power consumption: 7.28 W

For more information about CIS instrument and its data, please visit the IRAP website.